Preferred Vendors

Take our advice, and the guesswork out of planning your event, by selecting one of our preferred caterers or hotels. The Day Block Event Center has ties with several local vendors who are committed to making your event with us a success.

Preferred Caterers

At Day Block Event Center, we offer you the freedom to choose an outside food caterer*. With this rare, convenient feature of our space, customers are not bound to food minimums** set by most other venues. Due to wear and tear on our building, outside catering fees may apply.

For questions regarding Day Block Event Center catering policies, visit our FAQ page.

Day Block Brewing Company

Day Block Brewing Company

Our in-house caterer, the Day Block Brewing Company, offers catering services as well as hosted bar service to ensure your event goes off without a hitch and your food and beverage selections are absolute crowd pleasers. And, because they are on-site, they offer the ultimate in convenience. Click here to download a copy of their current catering menu.

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Preferred Hotels

Located in the heart of the Downtown West neighborhood of Minneapolis, Day Block Event Center is the ideal locale for hosting local events. Featuring easy access to major highways and close proximity to landmark hotels, events at our venue offer convenience and many options for lodging nearby. And because our venue is housed near many popular landmarks, such as the Guthrie Theater and Gold Medal Park, there will be plenty of entertainment options for guests to enjoy before and after your event.

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